Katie Shaw
Katie Shaw
Women's Wellness and Embodiment Coach

women’s wellness

& embodiment coach

Hi Babe, my name is Katie, I help women who are bogged down with inflammation, using tools like breath-work, detox and pleasure to reclaim their health, awaken their inner healer & unleash the goddess within.


Welcome Beautiful!

I am so glad you’re here.


ready for transformation.

Inflammation issues like thyroid, hormonal, digestive, autoimmune, chronic fatigue and pain can feel isolating and overwhelming when it comes to know what to do. I get it, because I’ve been there…

I believe that at the root of dis-ease is a place inside of us calling out to bring us back home. I also believe that you have the power to heal yourself. The only thing that’s missing is the support, community, tools and a fairy godmother (that’s me hint hint) to help you transform beyond your blocks to shift from wanting to feel incredible in your body to ACTUALLY FEELING IT.

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What clients say…



i want to….

transform + heal

1:1 private coaching


i want to…

breathe + IGNITE

60 min breath-work session


i want to…

cleanse + release

3 month detox program


digital courses

+ free stuff