Katie Shaw
Katie Shaw
Women's Wellness and Embodiment Coach


 fun facts about me

  1. I’m grew up in the mountains originally from West Virginia, have lived on both coasts of the US and now I live on an island in North Carolina!

  2. Favorite food - TACOS — grain free that is and extra guac!

  3. I have a little pup named gypsy who I inherited from my grandmother last year.

  4. My all time favorite thing to do is TRAVEL.

  5. I’ve been to India and slept on a hard floor and showered with cold bucket water for 20 days!

  6. I’m a listen to all types of music kinda gal, in the same day I can go from rap to country to spiritual mantras.

  7. When I was little I spent summers in a tiny holler in West Virginia, swimming in the river, catching ducks and frogs and swinging on grapevines in the woods.

  8. I can watch romantic comedies on repeat.

  9. I used to be an actor and attended acting conservatory in NYC.

  10. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart! I started my previous business at 23 and owned it for 10 years before discovering my ultimate love of coaching :)

my story

I was on the healing path for about ten years searching for a version of me I that wasn't sure could exist. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, sick, I had terrible anxiety, depression, cystic acne, debilitating fatigue, zero self-confidence and zero answers.

It was because of my own search for healing that I completed hours of training and multiple courses that lead to becoming a coach, my resources, information, my intuitive guidance and personal experience will guide you to tap into blockages that are keeping you stuck and help you discover how to heal yourself. 

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