The Sacral Chakra


THE SACRAL CHAKRA OR SWADISTHANA IN SANSKRIT IS THE 2ND CHAKRA located at the sacrum or the sex and reproductive center in the body. This chakra is the energies of pleasure, transformation and creativity.



  • This chakra is the seat of all emotions.

  • The element is water and flowing.

  • The color is Orange.

  • The organs located in this chakra are reproductive-ovaries, uterus, pelvis, appendix, bladder, and sex.

This Chakra is the energy of creation, whether that’s creation of a baby or the creation of personal transformation, giving birth to a spiritual baby or re-birth of self. This Chakra is the seat of all emotions. If you observe a child you’ll see they freely express emotions and once that’s released they move onto something else, they do not identify with being this emotion rather it’s a feeling that comes and goes. But as we grow into adults and receive messages that emotions are not safe to express we hold onto them and without the ability to express and release we then begin to identify as them - “I am angry” or “I am sad” instead of I feel angry or I feel sad - allowing it, expressing it through and releasing it to move on.

The second chakra is the development into puberty when we begin to experience hormonal changes and reproductive and sexual energies begin to form. It is here in this center that we form out sexual identity and how we experience and express our sexuality.


Tantric Yantra

If you look in the center you’ll see a triangle with a dot in the middle - this is the sacred image of where the energies of the first and second chakras meet. It is said that sleeping energy lies here dormant waiting to be woken and to rise up the spine to weave our internal masculine and feminine energies.


Feeling of Stability, in relationships, emotions and self.

Healthy and fulfilled expression of creativity - you do not have to be an artist! - but however you express yourself creatively - what is you individual way of both feeling and expressing creativity.

Feeling confident in your sexuality and sensuality - ability to communicate your desires and receive pleasure.

Ability to be present and feel comfortable dropping out of your head and into your body.

Ability to receive with ease - receptive to support, love, joy, abundance - financially and emotionally.


Ovarian Issues

Infections - yeast, bacterial

Pelvic Pain and inflammation

Lower back pain

Creative Blocks

Shame around sexuality and sensuality

Urinary Problems



YONI MASSAGE - Yoni is Sanskrit for Vagina - Yoni massage is a beautiful way to connect with your body and open the energies within this center. This can be done by you or you can find a partner or a professional practitioner for a session.

YONI EGG PRACTICE - Inside the vaginal walls are acupressure points when you use an egg (inserted inside) this activates these pressure points - releasing any stuck energy and creating healing to other internal organs.


PSOAS MUSCLE RELEASE - The Psoas muscle is located in the pelvis and considered to be first 3 chakras. This muscle is unique because of it’s location - it’s responsible for holding us upright and our core strength is derived from here. It’s often called the flight or fight muscle because it tenses during stress and trauma. And it can also get stuck in tense mode unless we physically release it.

Try laying on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and breathe deep belly breathing - expanding the belly and relaxing the pelvis as much as possible here - you’ll be able to literally feel the tension melt out of the muscle as you exhale and repeat for 5-10 minutes.



Inner child healing

Womb Healing Visualization

Repeat the mantra “I am creative” or “I am safe to express creatively”

Journal and ask yourself:

  • where am I not expressing myself fully?

  • when did I get the message that sexuality was wrong?

  • what lights me up and brings me pleasure?

  • what do I need to let go of in order to receive more?