is it time for a detox?

Detox is kind of inevitable in our modern day world. Especially when you have chronic illness or chronic inflammation. Every day we are bombarded with chemicals and environmental toxins from the food we eat to the environment we live in. And detox doesn’t just stop at food - sometimes it’s in your home environment, your car, your computer, your cleaning products, body and beauty products, and even relationships.

Signs and symptoms that it’s time to get your detox on…

  • inflammation

  • brain fog

  • PMS issues // hormonal issues like irritable mood, cramping, etc.

  • skin breakouts

  • body odor

  • wake up in the night between 2am and 4am

  • night sweats

  • hungry all the time

  • fluid retention

  • breast swelling (also pms)

  • fatigue

  • not hungry in the morning

  • increase body fat

  • digestive problems/constipation, IBS

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • stressed out

  • difficult to concentrate and focus

the program

This is a private coaching program where I’ll take you from A to Z with everything you need to know about detox. We will look at all areas in your life where you’re ready to clear out and make room for the new! And we will go at your own individual pace. 3 months allows the time for easing in and easing out, to look at all areas in your life so that you don’t get overwhelmed and feel like giving up after just a week.

For the woman who:

Has any of the above symptoms and is looking to reset her mind, body and spirit.

Feels overwhelmed to tackle all of this herself, maybe she’s tried and it doesn’t really work out.

Is ready to commit to her health and self-care.

Is looking to resolve hormonal and autoimmune and chronic illness symptoms.

Is looking to heal digestive issues.

if this sounds like a big yes then read below…

what’s included

We will meet 2x a month for 3 months.

I find that 3 months really allows the time to ease in begin to change things one week at a time;

  • 1st month is setting up your environment making any shifts that are ready to go.

  • 2nd month is in the heart of the food detox (your individual needs will determine the appropriate detox plan for you).

  • 3rd month is cleaning up all home, body and beauty products.

1 Recipe book with all my favorite go to detox foods.

1 Detox checklist to follow.

Everything is done for you so you don’t have to think about it!

Access to message me in between calls for support.

Monthly Detox program cost $444

Paid upfront option (save $132) @ $1200



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