Katie Shaw



"In 2014, I began having severe joint pain. I went to several doctors, did several panels of blood work and received varying diagnoses from Lupus to Fibromyalgia. I was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2015. I was immediately referred to a rheumatologist who put me on Methotrexate. After seeing no results outside of hair-loss, she added Remicade. Remicade was an IV infusion which took hours. I finally started to see a slight reduction in pain, when I lost my job and my insurance. I felt hopeless and scared because I didn't know how to get my medications, but then Katie stepped in.

Unlike the doctors I had seen, she wasn't interested in just treating symptoms, she wanted to help address the root-cause of my pain and help me live pain-free without drugs. I learned about healing my gut, managing stress levels, emotional blocks, breathing etc. Every meeting felt like a therapy session and I always left feeling more empowered. Initially the diet was the most challenging part, but eventually I found joy in preparing meals and finding new ways to eat healthier. Even my husband began to enjoy this new life-style.

Katie gave me the permission I needed to put myself and my healing first. Not only did I find new ways to manage and prevent pain, but she helped me create healthier boundaries in all areas of my life. I am happy to say that I am now 100% free of prescription drugs and have less pain than when I was medicated.

Katie is an incredible light and a wonderful healer and she has forever changed my life for the better! I am forever grateful for her healing practice! " ~Amy


"I was feeling really off, tired all the time, achey, bloated, gained extra weight that I couldn't get off no matter what I tried.  I came to work with Katie and am so happy I did!  Learning what foods are the best for me changed how I feel everyday. She's amazing with the guided support she provides and helped me finally stick to a way of eating that works for me.  No more yo yo trying the latest fad diet. Today I feel healthy and like I have a piece of me back that I had missed for so long. "  - Morgan


“Working with Katie has been such a rewarding experience. I have grown and changed so much over the past few months. She has helped me be open to change and open to changes I never expected. She introduced me to self care practices and completely changed my relationship with food and made me aware of my body and how I feel.  I have learned to listen to my body and everything I do based on how I feel. I feel so much more in tune with what is going on inside my body. I know I am still in a learning and changing process; and it can be challenging taking responsibility for my actions. But I remind myself that is worth it as I am now wearing a size pants I haven't been in in at least 12 years! By taking better care of my self and ensuring I will have a much more fulfilling healthy long life. I owe much of my continued success to Katie for teaching/showing me new ways to look at and experience every day tasks.” - Michele

"Working with Katie is freeing, energizing, and so easy. Her ability to intuitively meet you where you're at, while simultaneously listening to what your body needs is outstanding. I went in confused and looking for answers, and after an hour of breath work, I left clear, grounded, empowered and ready. Her work is powerful, as is she."  - Christopher


"I met Katie online and immediately felt like she was the right person to work me with on my health – she is very wise, gentle and compassionate in her feminine power.  Katie quickly helped me uncover the beliefs that kept me in the ugly cycle of binge eating, gaining weight, feeling sluggish and not taking care of my body. Her tools helped me permanently change my relationship with food and from there everything changed for the better in my life. The best money I ever spent actually!" - Gina


"The Goddess Healing Code was a fantastic supportive course, where Katie and Lille guide you through some useful ways to heal, move forward and be one with your beautiful feminine goddess. You are connected with a group of like minded women and offered a space to grow together. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you." - Kate


"Thank you Katie!  You made me feel so comfortable immediately. I didn't feel judged for having complex issues, nor did you make me feel stupid or hopeless. In fact I got off the call thinking there were really practical easy changes I could make, without freaking myself out. I've even cooked 3 times in the last 2 days, and enjoyed it. I felt heard, you're warm, kind and patient." - Lara

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