Katie Shaw
Katie Shaw
Women's Wellness and Embodiment Coach



Embodying the feminine simply put is living your life from an integrated version of your feminine energy.

It might look something like this…you prioritize your pleasure, you love your body and your curves, you honor your feminine hormonal cycle, resting and going slow when you need to, you speak boundaries confidently, you know your worth, you trust your body’s language, you embody firm boundaries and a soft heart, you embrace and fully accept your ever changing, dynamic, powerful, emotional, creative nature.

As a culture we’ve become so out of touch with nature and the feminine way of being. We’ve been taught to go, go, go and not honor the moments of slowness that our body is craving so deeply and we end up out of balance both mentally and physically. Often times we feel guilt or shame when it comes to putting ourselves first deeming it selfish and not important. Any kind of inflammation in the body is a signal to bring the attention and care back to ourselves.

We can tune into the cycles in nature that are qualities of the feminine creative energy to flow naturally with your feminine cycles and rhythms.

sleep, stress, pleasure, digestion can all be thrown out of balance when it comes to not living in flow with nature’s cyles and rhythms.

You can eat allllll the broccoli in the world and drink allll the green juice but unless you’re being nourished in these primary foods: relationships, pleasure, purpose, movement, sensuality and spirituality these are the things that nourish your soul, you are being malnourished and it leads to inflammation and “dis-ease” in the body.

I believe that the body’s natural state is in homeostasis and provided the right environment and inner ecology your body will naturally begin to heal itself.

— katie shaw

For centuries women have been taught to look outside themselves for answers, and have been lead to believe they are not as worthy as others when it comes to self-care and living the life they desire, they have been taught that they have to look a certain way to be accepted or act in a way that is pleasing for others to be loved, and the hormonal cycle is one big great mystery. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve actually heard from a client that a doctor once said to her, “women’s bodies are a mystery and I don’t have any answers to help you”. I just cringe when I hear this. YES, blood tests and western medical technology are helpful in uncovering answers. But when it comes to healing - I ultimately believe it’s in awakening your inner healer that you get to reclaim your health and your get life back, or one possibly greater than you’ve ever imagined.

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