Having a chronic illness, thyroid, hormonal, digestive, autoimmune, adrenal or chronic fatigue issues can feel isolating. There is so much conflicting information out there about how to heal or what to do it can be overwhelming. 

If you are looking for support, I am here for you. 

I was on the healing path for about ten years searching for a version of me I that wasn't sure could exist. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, sick, I had terrible anxiety, depression, cystic acne, debilitating fatigue, zero self-confidence and zero answers. So I get it! 

It was because of my own search for healing that I completed hours of training and multiple courses that lead to becoming a coach, my resources, information, my intuitive guidance and personal experience will guide you to tap into blockages that are keeping you stuck and help you discover how to heal yourself. You will learn to cultivate your unique feminine energy and I believe in pleasure is medicine, healing doesn't have to be painful - the goal is to move you away from the pain and back in alignment with your true nature to return to wholeness.  You have the power to heal, I am simply a guide to support you through the steps to healing. 




Let's find the version of you that is yet to be discovered,

the version that is awake, vibrant, whole and healthy babe!  


1:1 options:

Drop in session

In these sessions we will zero in on your concerns, questions and desires. Whether you are need of a refresher or want to come with a specific question we can sit down together and go deep. You will take away a specific action plan to get you on track. This will leave you feeling completely supported and chances are you'll want to continue (as most people do)! 

60 min zoom (video) session


liberated: a 1:1 program 

This is for the person who is ready.  The person who is done wasting time, maybe you've tried it on your own and yo-yo back and forth not really able to stick to what it is you need to completely heal and keep relapsing with symptoms.  Or maybe you're on the path and have gotten stuck or feel like you want on going support and accountability. This is for the person who is ready to go deep and heal from the inside out. 

This is for the woman who is ready to liberate her inner goddess! 

This program will give you on going access to me for support even in between our sessions. I help you post doctors appointments with how/what to do next. I help you learn how to incorporate self-love, self-care into your life, how to live a life you love even while healing and discover how to eat for your unique body type.  

By the end you will feel empowered, have a deep understanding of your body; what food works for you, you will understand your boundaries and have a clear picture of your deepest desires in life. All individual, all catered to you. 

Is this you?  

Contact me to set up a 30 minute discovery call. 

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